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Experience the many highlights of the Ötztal with your family.

Thanks to it ideal location, at the heart of the the Ötztal, numerous highlights can be visited starting from “Camping Ötztal Arena”.The onsite attractions, waterfall, Ötzi village, birds of prey park, bathing lake as well as numerous day trip options: Lake Piburg near OetzLake Piburg near Oetz is the warmest, alpine bathing lake in Tyrol. The lake is ideal for bathing, fishing, rowing, or simply enjoying yourself. Lake Piburg is located in a conservation area 913 m above sea level to the north of Oetz. It is one of the especially warm bathing lakes of Tyrol with a water temperature of up to 24°C (75°F). Roughly a 15-minute drive from the campsite. Ötztal outdoor parcours near Oetz/Sautens – more than just a high-wire garden Discover your courage and self-confidence. Demand the most of your ego as well as your team spirit and train your dexterity and motor skills. The exercises done out in open terrain confront you with a plethora of strange and unforeseeable situations, but conquering these obstacles will leave a lasting euphoric feeling.
Roughly a 15-minute drive from the campsite.Farst near Umhausen Situated above the Engelswand, Farst is one of the valley’s oldest settlements.
The path serpentines its way up for approx. 60 minutes. For those who make their way up, a fascinating panorama and warm hospitality await them in the Jausenstation restaurant which is open year-round. An insider tip for nature lovers, there is also a path up to the Reich Alm.
Roughly a 5-minute drive from the campsite. Thermal bath Aqua Dome – Längenfeld The Tyrolean thermal bath in Längenfeld, in the heart of the Ötztal, invites young and old for a relaxing bath and to rejuvenate while enjoying a view of the Alps. The Aqua Dome integrates itself seamlessly into the mountain landscape of the Alps so that the visitors are infused with the full power of the Alps. Roughly a 10-minute drive from the campsite. There are so many more attractions such as: via ferratas, mountain bike routes, high-wire parks, geological nature trails, geocaching, museums and open-air parks, the Ötzi village, a birds of prey park, Kneipp facility bathing options, indoor pools…..

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