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Rafting in the Ötztal

Grab your friends or family and dive into an adventure! While rafting, you will get to know the beautiful rivers from a completely different perspective! The gorge of Imst is especially worthwhile! Beautiful nature landscapes and impressive white waters are waiting. Children 6-years and older are more than welcome to raft along with you and have a fantastic time in the process!

Canyoning and white water swimming

Every holiday needs an adventure and canyoning is the answer! Fully equipped, you will discover the Auerklamm (Auer Gorge)!
When canyoning, you will hike and climb through the gorge, then swim through white water and jump into deep pools! An experience you will never forget which requires a healthy dose of courage as well as a hunger for adventure!

Kayaking on the Ötztaler Ache

On the Ötztaler Ache, you can paddle at virtually any time of the year: during hot summer days the glacier water roars into the valley and turns the Ötz into extraordinary white waters; in autumn when the water levels are receding, things get a little calmer but definitely not boring! Even though the popularity for kayaking in the Ötztal is constantly increasing, the Ache is still white water not to be taken lightly which is constantly changing and should never be tried by beginners.

Rafting Ötztal Tirol

Rafting Tirol
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