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The Ötztal, the absolute top valley and Ötztal Camping Umhausen is in the heart of it.

The legend says that the Ötztal got a second serving when the Creator distributed the beauties of nature. There is no other way to explain why so many of Tyrol’s superlatives can be found in this valley which stretches 67 kilometres from the Upper Inn Valley towards the south. The rest of Tyrol takes it with a bit of jealousy that the tallest mountain of the country, the Wildspitze, is located in the Ötztal Alps. The largest glacier area of the Eastern Alps is found in the Ötztal. Where is the highest populated church village of Austria? It is in the Ötztal and it is called Obergurgl. Where does the Stuibenfall, the tallest waterfall in the country, cascade down? In the Ötztal. Where is Lake Piburg, a spectacular jewel of nature and one of the warmest bathing lakes in Tyrol? In the Ötztal. More of Ötztal’s features: The entire massif of the Ötztal Alps has roughly 250 three thousand-metre-peaks, 60 of them are more than 3,400 metres high. There is no other area in the Alps with so many peaks above 3,000 m in such close proximity.

The Stuibenfall is Tyrol’s most impressive and beautiful waterfall. It has a drop of 159 metres and has two fall steps. Its water comes from the Zwieselbachferner and the Grastalferner. A water quantity of 610 litres per second goes over the falls on average per year. On high days, it can even be more than 2,000 litres per second.You can reach the waterfall from the “Ötztal Arena” campsite through the Ötzi village in just 30 minutes. Benches invite visitors to spend some time and a steep path leads 150 metres up to the Gasthof Stuibenfall restaurant (approx. 50 minutes) all while keeping the cascades in view.


Bathing fun in the up to 24 degree warm water of the biotope is just around the corner from our campsite. Filled with pure drinking water (degree of hardness zero), lawn for sunbathing, beach volleyball court, 2 tennis courts, children’s playground, diving platform, pizzeria with a large sun terrace.

After 4 p.m., a day ticket is just half the price

Open from June to September
A summer for savourers !

Directly at our front door – you can learn, in detail, about the way of life of this famous iceman who lived here in the Ötztal more than 5,300 years ago.Since the discovery of the man in ice, the Ötztal has become one sensation richer. In an outdoor archeological museum park in Umhausen, right next to the campsite, you can see how our ancestors used to live and make a living.

Spread over an area of 5,000 square metres, there are 15 aviaries, one open air arena with 300 seats for flight shows, as well as a nature trail. In the Ötztal birds of prey park, visitors can be amazed by 15 different birds of prey and their flying skills.

15 aviaries with eagles, vultures, kites,
owls, buzzards, ravens & falcons
Daily flight shows
Open air arena – 300 seats
Nature trail – History of falconry
In the birds of prey area, with its 300 seats, the most spectacular flight shows take place.

Up-to-date info can be found at: Greifvogelpark.at

We are happy to present our camping guests the chance to visit this new attraction, the birds of prey park Ötztal, which is practically our neighbour.

Thanks to it ideal location, at the heart of the the Ötztal, numerous highlights can be visited starting from “Camping Ötztal Arena”. The onsite attractions, waterfall, Ötzi village, birds of prey park, bathing lake as well as numerous day trip options:


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